The Equestrian Incursion Part 1 (First Draft)

Some may be confused by this entry on this particular blog. Allow me to explain. While I haven’t been the type to write FanFiction in recent years. I guess you could say My Little Pony changed that. I don’t know how crazy I’m going to get with this, but it’ll certainly be fun to find out. I recently discovered this is more fun than the normal crap I release, so expect the next chapter very soon. In the interim, enjoy the first episode of My Little Pony meets Doctor Who. No, that wasn’t my idea. Yes, I’ll pretend it is.

Note: After putting this up I realized something. This is looking at a rewrite. I wanted to make The Doctor’s so-far-nameless companion a capable assistant…instead I made him a cocky prat with superhuman intelligence. But until I actually do the rewrite (which shouldn’t take long since all I’ll be changing is the beginning and end), enjoy this piece of shit so you can laugh at how much of a ponce I am. I hate myself. Continue reading


A Life Less Lived

Once again, I get a little introspective on here. Decide to write about myself, and not anything you care about. So if this doesn’t interest you, may I suggest my posts on Atheism, or Cloverfield. Also there’s this game called Alpha Centauri that you should certainly look into pirating. There’s more on this blog then the latest, just wanted you to know.

So here I was, up late at night because I didn’t feel like sleeping, and Conan was on. He was talking to Edmund Morris, a historian who wrote three tomes on Theodore Roosevelt: Author, Explorer, Historian, Scientist, Exercise Nut, and two-term President of the United States. He read at four pages a minute, had a photographic memory, and an extensive knowledge of foreign cultures. He was a great man, who accomplished much…and what am I? Continue reading

The Bitch is Back

In case you haven’t noticed, for the past six weeks this blog has been pretty empty. Though it might have been more than six weeks…I don’t have a good update schedule.

So the reason for that is, I was on my work placement for college. This was the second time I went on my work placement, only this time it was successful, primarily because I didn’t sleep-in ’til 11 on two separate occasions. Yeah, I fucked that up. Turns out humans need sleep. Who knew?

So the good news is this time I was successful, and now I’m officially a J-School graduate. YAY!

You know this is the first time I have felt proud about something this much. I graduated College! I remember getting my High School diploma, could not have cared less. But this…this is exciting. For the first time I framed one of these things…certificates. Never did that before. In the past, my mom framed them, not me. In fact, she still has all of them. I guess I never cared in the past because I set my standards higher. Graduating high school is something one just does. You don’t get credit for that, it’s like waking up in the morning, and I have a bunch of ancillary certificates that don’t actually mean anything other than I participated in a summer camp. No one gives a shit, least of all me. Of course they ended up on my Resume because there was too much white space otherwise.

So, anyway, during that six week placement, various things happened and I had an epiphany. I am a jackass. Continue reading

Koi and Cameras

In my last post I talked about my quest to spend money from my tax return. I got over $300 coming in and my options are few. As it stands I’ll probably be getting a fish, so I looked into it and found it might be more difficult than I thought. Continue reading

Pets, Playstations and PDAs…and Keyboards and Bitching on Apple

Ah, tax season. The time where we spend a few hours to fill out a few forms to discover if the government owes us money, or we owe the government money, and how much. I recently filed my 2008 tax return because I’m lazy and should have done it a year ago, and it seems I’ll be getting over $300 which includes retroactive GST payments. So I have three options, I can either put the money in savings for a rainy day, spend it on something useful, like food, or spend it on useless shit. I think you know what I’m planning. Continue reading

Im A Riter

It’s funny, I have always had ideas for stories but only recently have my ideas been not based on something else. I had many ideas about stupid fan-fictions for my favourite books and TV shows (and in one case a movie) all based on my desire to reach into the page and bitch-slap the characters so they stop acting like idiots. I guess they weren’t bad ideas per say, but they were self-indulgent ideas that held little interest to anyone other than myself. Thank god I didn’t waste my time writing them. Well I did write a Stargate/Harry Potter crossover but I never published it because the computer I wrote it on was stolen.

Anyway, now, for pretty much the first time, I have ideas that are original…sort of. I mentioned before the sitcom idea based around teen pregnancy. Most TV shows devote “a very special episode” to the topic of teen pregnancy, I want to revolve a whole show around it, that’s awesome. But I have more ideas, like a serial drama about six people working for a newspaper all trying to solve the murder of a colleague and in the process discover a string of massively epic corruption in city hall. So epic the only appropriate word to describe it would be conspiracy. Continue reading

Why Shows Suck and Possibly a Good Idea

Last night I was on YouTube and found something interesting. A pilot to a canceled WB show called Nobody’s Watching. Once the pilot was leaked on YouTube it gained publicity and they created a series of webisodes. But the show was never made it into an actual TV show because according to Wikipedia: “test audiences seemed to be confused by its premise.” My responce to this: FUCK YOU!!! This show gets cancelled and American Idol is still on the air? Because I’m confused by the premise, specifically the fact no ones killed Simon. That and it’s stupid! Only two (Daughtry and David Cook) people on that show actually have viable careers, the rest suck. Continue reading

We Can Make-up Heroes, Just for One Day

Ahh dreams. They can inspire and confuse in one swoop. Recently I had a dream and it certainly was inspiring.

It was an episode of Heroes. Yes I know, I am that much of a loser, I dream about TV shows. Most dream about sex, I dream about TV. It isn’t the first time. Which reminds me, minor end-of-volume-three spoilers. Continue reading