My name is T. Duke Perry; A computer programmer, web designer and classically-trained former-journalist, currently based in Oshawa, Ontario.

An atheist, and a skeptic, my main passion in life is writing, which is why I have this site. I focus on writing reviews or critiques of games, films, or television. But I occasionally delve into politics and science when the mood strikes me, or the opportunity presents itself.

I also write shitty fanfiction on The NP FanFiction Archive. Mostly My Little Pony-based fare. Writing fiction is a skill I’m still hoping to get better at.

If you want to know what my username, BlackWidower, means; it’s basically related to the black widow spider. I started using it in my early teens, and for some reason, decided to keep using it as my main alias online. Some may find it a bit odd, or creepy, but it’s become a part of who I am, and honestly, it’s too late to turn back now.