Im A Riter

It’s funny, I have always had ideas for stories but only recently have my ideas been not based on something else. I had many ideas about stupid fan-fictions for my favourite books and TV shows (and in one case a movie) all based on my desire to reach into the page and bitch-slap the characters so they stop acting like idiots. I guess they weren’t bad ideas per say, but they were self-indulgent ideas that held little interest to anyone other than myself. Thank god I didn’t waste my time writing them. Well I did write a Stargate/Harry Potter crossover but I never published it because the computer I wrote it on was stolen.

Anyway, now, for pretty much the first time, I have ideas that are original…sort of. I mentioned before the sitcom idea based around teen pregnancy. Most TV shows devote “a very special episode” to the topic of teen pregnancy, I want to revolve a whole show around it, that’s awesome. But I have more ideas, like a serial drama about six people working for a newspaper all trying to solve the murder of a colleague and in the process discover a string of massively epic corruption in city hall. So epic the only appropriate word to describe it would be conspiracy.

But there are two other ideas I have that I think might do well. One is a comedy film centred around ghosts. Ghosts from the 18th century who were spending most of their time in a museum where the curator kept them distracted so they wouldn’t haunt the visitors, but then they leave and start influencing some of the living into doing some things…possibly bad things. So the curators decide to get some other ghosts help them get back, specifically ghosts who were married to the other ghosts while they were alive.

Wow, now that I wrote that down it actually sounds like a really bad idea.

The other idea I have is of a sci-fi/fantasy that can work in a couple different mediums, comic, novel, video game, etc.. It takes place in a land that some type of cross between early 21st Century America, Final Fantasy VIII and Middle Earth. The place has an aura of American culture, melded with magic, royalty and elves. The world is infested with creatures who, for the most part, have a desire to chew you a new asshole and the safest place is the cities. These would be the token monsters you might recognize from either Final Fantasy or any other fantasy RPG. The main character Shena is a lieutenant in the royal guard and in a medium-sized kingdom called Crosha…maybe…I don’t know…actually I like that, I’m going to keep it. Shena is married to the captain of the guard and they, as well as a few other officers are all at a festival in a small village a stones throw from the Croshan capital when they are attacked by monsters within the village. Monsters don’t usually attack large colonies of humans like that so this is quite unusual. Anyway, Shena’s husband dies (thankfully the only casualty) as they are protecting the villagers, and she quickly becomes the new guard chief, mainly because she was next in line, but also because King Namus officially appoints her to the position.

The story really takes off after she and a small group investigate a meteor that landed on the outskirts of Crosha and find it is not a meteor but some type of ship that contains only one survivor in some type of stasis pod. His name is James and he is an Earth human from the early 22nd Century, after they developed warp drive and some other kick-ass tech. Unfortunately not much of the tech survived the journey, but he does and his only goal now is finding a way home. They bring him to the Croshan capital where they teach him how to survive and try to integrate him into this new world because like it or not until he finds a way home he’s here.

I’m not sure where to go from here, I think it could be revealed he has super advanced magical powers but there are other things I got etched down, like where this exactly takes place. It wouldn’t be revealed until late in the story but it takes place in the far-far-far-far-far-far-far-far-far-far-far-far-far-far-far-far future where the universe is old, dying and has gone senile which explains the existence of magic. We’re talking the year one trillion or so. This idea is inspired by a lecture I saw on TVO by Professor Lawrence Krauss where he said in a trillion years the cosmos will look a lot different, a lot of things will be missing, specifically all evidence of the Big Bang and all evidence of any galaxy outside our own. I just took the idea to the next bullshit level. See, that’s the beauty of sci-fi, you can take a scientific idea and decide to completely misinterpret it or make stuff up and it’s all right because it’s a sci-fi…it’s not real.

I guess it would work best as a video game but I’m not sure. It would be a hell of a project. I don’t have the resources to pull it off. Anyway, most of my ideas probably won’t go further than this but I hope not. I would love to create some type of TV show, movie or video game. I just hope I can maintain quality control so it doesn’t turn into a pile of crap.


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