Why Shows Suck and Possibly a Good Idea

Last night I was on YouTube and found something interesting. A pilot to a canceled WB show called Nobody’s Watching. Once the pilot was leaked on YouTube it gained publicity and they created a series of webisodes. But the show was never made it into an actual TV show because according to Wikipedia: “test audiences seemed to be confused by its premise.” My responce to this: FUCK YOU!!! This show gets cancelled and American Idol is still on the air? Because I’m confused by the premise, specifically the fact no ones killed Simon. That and it’s stupid! Only two (Daughtry and David Cook) people on that show actually have viable careers, the rest suck.

Anyway it’s also ironic because this show is about two guys who tell all the major networks their shows suck and they can make a better one, and they did, it’s called Nobody’s Watching and they don’t air it. I think network executives want internet to take over. They keep cancelling shows that are awesome, such as Moonlight and Journeyman, after only one season, but continue to air crap, a fact explained at the end of Nobody’s Watching, no matter how bad the show is as long as people like it, it will stay on the air…Coach!

Moving on, last night I had a dream and was inspired to create my own sitcom. So here it goes:

It’s called Best Friends Forever…but that name sucks so I’ll have to rethink it. Anyway, the main character, 25-year-old Alex, has a great life. He is a sysadmin for a small company in Columbus, Ohio, where he met his girlfriend Liz who works in a different department at the same company. His roommate, Jake, is a webdesigner and author. They live in a large house and have another roommate, Pete…or did until he robbed them blind.

[Alex and Jake return home to an empty house…everything missing]
Alex: We had furniture this morning right?

Thankfully Alex’s brother, Darren, works for an insurance company and they begin to file the necessary forms for Darren to put on rush order. As Jake and Darren are taking care of things, Alex, having a hard time dealing with the situation, takes off.

[Alex starts walking out of the house]
Jake: Where are you going?
Alex: We need to eat tonight.
[Alex is out the door]
Jake: We also need a new stove.
Alex: SON OF A-
[Jake closes door]

So Alex is walking down the streets of downtown and stops at a pizza store. He orders a pizza, sits down to wait and then a women exits from a job interview in the back of the store and Alex quickly recognizes her as Melissa, an old childhood friend whom he has not seen in ten years, she recognizes him too. Alex invites her to his place for dinner and she says she’ll meet him there.

That night Alex returns home with pizza and Melissa is already there. Jake is suspicious of this mystery girl but Darren vouches for her. Liz arrives and seems to be worried about Alex. They all sit down on the floor and eat pizza.

That night Melissa tells them about how she just moved back a month ago but is living with another friend, Sarah, who has six kids. Melissa says she would like to find her own house, so they try to convince Melissa to be Alex and Darren’s third roommate. Melissa is reluctant but changes her mind, kinda, after they show her around. She is particularly interested in their now-empty home gym which they never use, it was used by the roommate they had before Pete, Luke, who was a personal trainer who died of a heart attack and left them his gym.

If you think you know where this is going…you are either a genius, half right, or a moron. So the foursome arrive at Sarah’s house that weekend to move Melissa into her new home. There Melissa introduces Alex to 10-year-old Christine.

Melissa: Alex this is my daughter, Christine.
Alex: Well this is unexpected.
[Alex gets down and shakes Christine’s hand]
Alex: Hi, nice to meet you.
Melissa: Christine, this is your father.
[smile drops from Alex’s face]
Darren: No, THIS is unexpected.

So you can see where this is going. Little back story, they did it once. They both used to live in Columbus, but when they were 15 Melissa’s family was moving to Arizona. Then, who knows why, probably some crazy adolescent hormones are to blame, her last night in town, the two of them had sex. So once on the other side of the country it would be hard to tell him she got pregnant. Even if he did, he couldn’t cross the country to be with them, he was still in high school. So Alex finds out 10 years later and decides to do right, make up for 10 years of absence. There is some jealousy from Liz but Alex explains there is nothing to be jealous about, so it subsides or probably gets buried down.

Some may say it’s been done before, but I doubt it, and if it is, then it wouldn’t be the first time a concept is reused…Til’ Death.

Anyway I think it would work. Several plot lines could fly off it. Like Alex goes to Arizona and talks to Melissa’s parents to thank them and try to make amends. Alex finds out his Mother knew for the past 10 years and neither he nor Darren take it particularly well. Someone more creative can come with other plot lines.

What do you think? Can I sell it to Hollywood? Please comment I feel like their is no point anymore…but that doesn’t mean I am going to stop.


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