No Ordinary Destiny

Fucking Bollocks! That was my reaction when I heard Stargate Universe, my favourite show currently on the air, wasn’t going to make it past a second season.

This always happens. If I like a show, it will likely be cancelled very soon, while crap like American Idol and The Apprentice remains on the air, or worse, the Jersey Shore. I ended up watching that show a couple of times and it appears to be about cheap whores, cheap man-whores, and one really cheap whore. Plus I never thought I’d hear someone use the word ‘Guido’ with a positive connotation.

But Stargate Universe barely lasts two seasons before being axed, and since the announcement came after filming for the first two seasons was completed, it’s likely the series finale will end in a cliffhanger, in anticipation for a non-existent season three. Which pisses me off more. I know they are likely to say they will release a Stargate Universe movie, but they also planned to release an Atlantis movie years ago, and that didn’t happen. So…

But the big question is: Why!? Why is it being cancelled!? Bad ratings, sure. But why does it have bad ratings? Continue reading


We Can Make-up Heroes, Just for One Day

Ahh dreams. They can inspire and confuse in one swoop. Recently I had a dream and it certainly was inspiring.

It was an episode of Heroes. Yes I know, I am that much of a loser, I dream about TV shows. Most dream about sex, I dream about TV. It isn’t the first time. Which reminds me, minor end-of-volume-three spoilers. Continue reading