The End of The Tenth Doctor

So a new end to a new season of a new era of Doctor Who has come and gone, and with it the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant. He’s had a good run, and now it has come to an end. It makes me kinda sad, especially since he didn’t really receive a good send-off.

Now, Doctor Who is one of my favourite science fiction shows and it is the definition of classic. Doctor Who pioneered technobabble and is possibly the longest running television show ever. The original series lasted for 26 seasons from 1963 to 1989, saw seven different actors playing The Doctor, accompanied by 28 different companions of all shapes, sizes and species.

I never got a chance to see much of the original series, but I have seen every episode of the new series and the 1996 TV movie. All in all I like it. The show’s science is among the softest I have ever seen, but it works. That’s the beauty of fiction, it’s all made up so the writers can do what they want, and they have proved they are experts at making things up, especially when it’s in the name of fan service. Continue reading


Im A Riter

It’s funny, I have always had ideas for stories but only recently have my ideas been not based on something else. I had many ideas about stupid fan-fictions for my favourite books and TV shows (and in one case a movie) all based on my desire to reach into the page and bitch-slap the characters so they stop acting like idiots. I guess they weren’t bad ideas per say, but they were self-indulgent ideas that held little interest to anyone other than myself. Thank god I didn’t waste my time writing them. Well I did write a Stargate/Harry Potter crossover but I never published it because the computer I wrote it on was stolen.

Anyway, now, for pretty much the first time, I have ideas that are original…sort of. I mentioned before the sitcom idea based around teen pregnancy. Most TV shows devote “a very special episode” to the topic of teen pregnancy, I want to revolve a whole show around it, that’s awesome. But I have more ideas, like a serial drama about six people working for a newspaper all trying to solve the murder of a colleague and in the process discover a string of massively epic corruption in city hall. So epic the only appropriate word to describe it would be conspiracy. Continue reading

The Future of D’ni

So my Myst Online piece got a record amount of feedback, mostly positive, thanks to a fanboy who hated it and decided to post it on the Myst Online forums. So thank you DerCerbr…wait, is that right…Cerberus?

Anyway, because of this I learned if I insult something sufficiently enough it will get more hits then normal, so I will begin by saying World of Warcraft is a complete load of crap and deserves to die! Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about the Myst franchise. Continue reading

Missed Online: Uru Why?

Okay, that title has to be the worst yet.

Anyway, Myst is a franchise that has permeated the contentiousness of it’s fans. Those who love the game really do love it.

In my case I remember first hearing about Myst back in 2000 through an ad in a magazine for it’s real-time 3D remake, realMyst. At first I did not know what to make of it. I had never played adventure games before so I thought it was similar to SimCity for some reason. I was a kid, I was stupid. I also remember hearing about the Myst books from one of my busmates. I didn’t think much of it at the time. Years later I spotted a copy of the 10th Anniversary Edition which bundled the first three Myst Games on three DVDs for what must have been dirt cheap because back then I couldn’t think of a reason to buy it otherwise. I was really into cheap bargain bin games back then and I still am actually, most of the games I own fall into that category.

I brought it home, played it and was immediately hooked, I was honestly surprised I haven’t heard about this game before (aside from the realMyst ad) because it was so bloody brilliant. But, while it was one of the biggest games of the 90’s, it is simply not that big today. For one thing pre-rendered images and cinematics have been reserved for crappy kids movies and JRPGs, and the gaming public are generally more interested in either mass-murder or chatting it up with their buddies. Knowing murder would never work in a Myst game Cyan (who I should mention are the creators of the Myst series) decided to do the latter and attempted to take Myst Online. Continue reading

Why Shows Suck and Possibly a Good Idea

Last night I was on YouTube and found something interesting. A pilot to a canceled WB show called Nobody’s Watching. Once the pilot was leaked on YouTube it gained publicity and they created a series of webisodes. But the show was never made it into an actual TV show because according to Wikipedia: “test audiences seemed to be confused by its premise.” My responce to this: FUCK YOU!!! This show gets cancelled and American Idol is still on the air? Because I’m confused by the premise, specifically the fact no ones killed Simon. That and it’s stupid! Only two (Daughtry and David Cook) people on that show actually have viable careers, the rest suck. Continue reading

We Can Make-up Heroes, Just for One Day

Ahh dreams. They can inspire and confuse in one swoop. Recently I had a dream and it certainly was inspiring.

It was an episode of Heroes. Yes I know, I am that much of a loser, I dream about TV shows. Most dream about sex, I dream about TV. It isn’t the first time. Which reminds me, minor end-of-volume-three spoilers. Continue reading