The Dawning of the Age of MacGuffins: A review of the episode entitled “Princess Twilight Sparkle”

It’s been around nine months since, what I would call, The Great Winged Fiasco! When the decision was made to turn everyone’s favourite down-to-earth intellectual, into a princess.

I still don’t think it was a good idea, but none of that matters, since they sorta made it work. Much like the return of Trixie, a terrible idea can be overcome by excellent execution.

Which thankfully, it seems we have. Her Highness’ introduction aside, which I still think was a terrible episode, it seems as if the Princess Twilight thing is being very well executed. Which is great, especially after the unsettling implications of the Royal Wedding (nepotism anyone?) and the underwhelming missed opportunity that has been the Crystal Empire episodes.

Equestria Girls offered us a limited preview of what was to come, and while there were a few missteps, they seem to have been heading in the right direction.

And now that Season Four has had its official premiere, it’s safe to say that’s still true. Which is a very good thing, for multiple reasons. The least of which being: this is the shot in the arm the series needs. Continue reading