Rainbow Rocking in the Free World: “Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks” review

Who doesn’t love music? I know I do!

Most of my tastes in music are based on what I listened to as a kid, and I listened to a lot of different music as a kid; music from artists such as: The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Collective Soul, Wilson Phillips, David Bowie, Meat Loaf, Goo Goo Dolls, The Who, Megadeth, Elton John, Aerosmith, Duran Duran, Genesis, Blue, Santana, John Mellencamp, Ozzy Osborne, Sara Bareilles, Toto, Eurythmics, Fastball, Brian Adams, Def Leppard, Matchbox Twenty, Led Zepplin, Counting Crows, Sky, George Michael, Robbie Williams, R.E.M., Peter Gabriel, Nirvana, Backstreet Boys, Kenny Loggins, UB40, The Spice Girls, Skid Row, Billy Joel, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Blues Traveller, Rush, Seal, Tears for Fears, Mötley Crüe, Starship, Pink Floyd, Train, Rick Astley, Moist, The Tea Party, Metallica, Eric Clapton, Oasis, Journey, Sloan, Styx, Tom Petty, Michael Jackson, Barenaked Ladies, Bon Jovi, Bachman–Turner Overdrive, Sophie B. Hawkins, Van Halen, Sass Jordan, Rob Zombie, Bob Seger, Korn, Midnight Oil, Honeymoon Suite, and New Radicals… just to name a few.

And you’ll notice, with this breadth of musical exposure, I’ve listened to everything; virtually every genre under the sun with the exception of rap. And because of this, I like almost anything. Give me any new song from any new artist, and there’s a good chance I’ll like it, as long as it’s good.

Oh, I know what you’re going to say, ‘just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s bad!’ And sure, I’d agree with that. Art tends to be judged subjectively, in a purely opinionated and emotional way. And those opinions and emotions tend to vary from person to person. What one person thinks is crap, could be the most beautiful thing in the world to another; and they’d both be right.

However, I think we can agree when a song is not very sophisticated or complex, or when the lyrics are cliché or nonsensical; and I think we can all agree that the worst criticism one can give to a work of art, is that it’s boring.

Case in point, I know a bit of guitar… a very little bit… basically, don’t ask me to sight-read sheet music, and don’t ask me to join a spontaneous jam session until you give me a chance to review the old blues scale. But I can certainly belt out a few power chords if the mood strikes me. And power chords, in case you didn’t know, are the simplest fucking chords in existence. You hit only two strings, and the finger positioning is always the same, just move it around the fret board. And I only bring this up because if someone as crap as I can successfully pull off a Nickelback song, that doesn’t speak well for Nickelback, does it?

Basically, I’m saying Nickelback is shit.

But if music is good, I like it. If it’s interesting, fun, complex, profound, emotional, or just really really catchy, I like it. You won’t see me sticking my nose up at soft pop, or reggae, or grunge or mainstream metal. I love them all! And I love it when people share my perspective. When I see others who feel the same way. Those who see all music as music. Not as the cornerstone of a major cultural movement, or the central bedrock of a personal identity. But just some nice sounds that one can love, or hate. Sounds that are fun to make, and fun to hear, and nothing more.

And that brings us to a fantastic celebration of music in the form of Technicolor humans forming a band.

Yes, it’s the sequel to 2013’s epic film of adventure and magic, Equestria Girls. Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks! Which is film about adventure, magic and music! Love the contrast.

Before we start, I should say that Rainbow Rocks is not a cookie cutter retread of the first film. Which is good, because this is a series that could get very formulaic, very easily. To see that it’s not doing that makes me quite happy.

Not to say the film doesn’t repeat itself in some ways. But they work more as homages to the original film, but slightly subverted by flipping the roles. For instance, the big musical in the cafeteria was instigated by our heroes in the first film, and by the villains in the second. We also see Sunset stage a confrontation in a dark hallway, but in this film, she’s on the side of good, for some reason.

But enough dawdling. The story is all about three hoodies with mysterious magical powers.

“Yo, brah. We’re gonna like, steal your energy, an dat.”

And we meet them as they’re discussing the fact that they were banished from Equestria, and how much it sucks, and other things that shouldn’t really be new to them because we learn later that they’ve been here for the past thousand years, at least. This is an old trope, which is traditionally known as an “As you know, Bob,” scene. Where characters talk about things they already know about so they can inform the audience. It’s quite common in sci-fi, and tends to be quite cheesy, which is why many shows include an audience surrogate to ask the dumb questions and have things explained to them in a non-contrived manner. Like the companions on Doctor Who, who asks questions, gets in trouble and wears skimpy tops.

But they don’t have an audience surrogate, so they all just come off as stupid and forgetful. Which actually works for two of them, but I digress. And as they bicker, they see, off in the distance…

… the finale of the first film. Yeah, I kinda wondered about that, because they weren’t subtle. Part of me always thought the second film would involve a bunch of agents in black suits descending upon the school. Can’t have this kind of information getting out, can we?

And seeing this, they instantly recognize it as Equestrian magic, and decide to investigate. So off to Canterlot High, where they meet the one and only, Sunset Shimmer!

Oh no! All the bad guys meeting at once? This can’t be good, right?

Well, if you’ll remember from the first film, the moment Sunset was defeated, she turned into a blubbering wimp.

Turns out it wasn’t temporary. She’s now a good guy who’s been befriended by our five remaining heroes, and it’s a surprising contrast. Because she laments her past, and talks about how terrible ‘the old (her)’ was.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do believe someone can change. But not like that! Not that drastically! To a certain extent, one would think she’d try to justify her past. It would certainly be more interesting. And more importantly, it should happen more slowly. And to take another example, from another show, Regina Mills from Once Upon A Time!

Don’t get me wrong, this show’s not perfect, especially not recently. But Regina’s character arc during the course of the series is, in my opinion, the perfect model of framing a drastic character shift. Regina started the series as a villain, willing to go as far as murder to get what she wanted. Hell, she was called ‘The Evil Queen!’ It’s right in her name! But then, by season two, she was forced to shift her priorities for the sake of her son. But fell back on old habits by considering mind control, and mass-murder by the end of the season. Then season three rolled around, and she joined her former enemies, including Snow White, Rumpelstiltskin, and Captain Hook, on a rescue mission into Neverland, before participating in an epic face off against the Wicked Witch of the West, and in the process she even found true love in Robin Hood. (By the way, in case you didn’t know, this show’s kinda weird.) And now, midway through season four, it’s safe to say any trace of evil is gone. We even see her working hard to save her boyfriend’s wife, merely because it’s the right thing to do.

But here’s my point, two seasons had to pass before she got to that stage! It took a while, and it took many trials. So to see Sunset have such a drastic character shift makes me think of only one thing: mind control!

And heck, this could’ve been avoided merely by rewriting a few lines!

Sunset: I was only dating Flash so I could be more popular… wow, now that I say that out loud, it sounds kinda horrible… that’s odd.

Twilight: We can use that magic, just like when we used it on Sunset Shimmer when she turned into that horrifyingly awful winged monster! … No offence.
Sunset: Why would I be offended by a dictionary definition?

Sunset: You’re never going to get away with this!
Adagio: Why, because you didn’t?
Sunset: To start… I mean they managed to kick my ass and I had an Element of Harmony. What chance do you have? … Bitch…

To see her so ashamed of her past may make sense; but to see her own her past, and not let it bother her, makes a bit more sense. If she genuinely thinks what she did was so horrible, why did she do it in the first place? Her perspective changed? Sure, but it made sense to her at the time. Why would she be that ashamed of it?

I guess my answer’s right there. Once one realizes how wrong they were, one tends to be ashamed of the stupid things they’ve done. But it’s hard for Sunset to cover it up or hide it at this point. I’m thinking of a few personal cases right now. That period I dabbled in alternative/herbal ‘medicine’. My religious phase. That horribly failed date I went on. Yes, I was an idiot, and it’s not information I’m willing to share with anyone. But if someone tried to make me feel bad about it, I got a few ways of justifying it. It made sense at the time, a friend gave me bad advice, family talked me into it, that kind of thing.

And I wouldn’t be the man I am now without those kinds of mistakes.

So my point is, while there was much potential in Sunset Shimmer, they’ve more or less spoiled it, by rushing it. I mean I get it, they only had two films. But there’s no reason to make her a goody two-hooves! I guess they figure they can’t have a good guy with any sort of darkness in My Little Pony. If you let that happen, they might become interesting, and can’t have that!

But let’s move on.

Sunset is assigned to give the three of them a tour of the school, since they just enrolled as students… without any sign of parental authorization, apparently. But I digress.

The tour eventually culminates in Sunset introducing them to the CHS Musical Showcase, and suggesting they enrol.

Of course they sing all the time, primarily to deliver their mind-control magic, so it’s the perfect opportunity to use more mind-control magic. They proceed to the cafeteria, and instead of initiating a hopeful number about school spirit, like what happened in the last film, we get a number all about how great competition is. They suggest, musically, that they should convert the Musical Showcase into a ‘Battle of the Bands’.

And everybody wants the prize. What prize? Uh… we’ll get back to you on that one! And why do they want it? Um… reasons…

And everyone enrolls. Even those you wouldn’t expect to have any interest in music. It’s mind control magic! What do you want!?

But I’m honestly surprised everyone is susceptible to the spell. You’d think there’d be one or two people who just cared so little about music the spell wouldn’t affect them. Or at the very least care about it for a few minutes before going: “Wait a minute, why do I give a shit about music!? I’ve never played music before in my entire life! Why the hell am I starting now!?”

Then again, mind control spell. Plus, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who didn’t give a modicum of a flying shit about music, but I went to a performing arts school so there’s a bit of a sample bias there.

I don’t know, I guess I’m just a bit bothered that their mind-control spell is 100% effective. I’d like to think that a few people would be immune, or at least capable of fighting it. Likely those of high-intelligence or self-awareness. But no one is! Well, that’s not true, not no one.

Yes, the Equestrian immigrant and the Elements of Humanity are apparently immune. Likely due to the Equestrian magic they still have in their systems. Magic that expresses itself every time they jam!

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention this. Remember the end of the first movie, when they used the power of friendship to defeat Sunset and temporarily became pony-human hybrids? Their hair grew down to their ankles, they grew pony ears, and three of them grew wings! You remember, right? Well, it turns out it still happens whenever they play music. And this was first illustrated a series of shorts that were released into the wild during the run-up to the film.

And yes, I do think it’s stupid. I mean, not the shorts, they were fine… for the most part. I’m talking about the whole concept. Why exactly would they transform when playing music!? I guess a bit of the magic from the Element of Magic managed to hang around somehow. But that doesn’t quite explain why it happens only when they play. It might be the emotional reaction one gets to playing music that triggers it. The adrenaline rush, so to speak. Also, the endorphin rush. But I’m pretty sure other things would trigger it. Dancing, sports, anything Pinkie Pie does, sex… That’d be interesting. Rainbow picks up some random in a bar, they go back to hers, and in the middle of the act she suddenly grows wings and horse ears. And he wouldn’t know whether to be more freaked out about the fact that it just happened, or the fact that it’s a turn-on for him.

By the way, I apologize for putting that image in your head.

But that doesn’t quite explain why that triggers a hybrid transformation. But Applejack does ask, and one might expect Sunset Shimmer to explain, since she should be their resident expert on magic, since she did learn, however briefly, under Princess Celestia. But she doesn’t explain, and throughout the film acts completely ignorant about magic. And this really bugs me, since they’re basically portraying her as a moron and hanger-on. She doesn’t have any practical role, she’s not even part of the band, not even as manager! She doesn’t fill any niche, she’s just there.

But let’s move on, and since I just brought up those shorts, might as well talk about them as well. The only major problem I noticed came from Rarity’s outing. She was initially insistent on using a grand piano, an instrument that represents elegance and purity, and is emblematic of classical music. This fits her character perfectly, but she capitulates for practicality’s sake, and trades it in for a keytar, an instrument that represents the 80s! And is emblematic of electronica and that shit Tron squeal! That’s one hell of a shift there.

But let’s get back to the main plot.

With no one but the main characters aware that something is up, they quickly realize that they need a plan. Especially once they learn Celestia and Luna were also affected. Which should surprise no one, since they’re just people, not thousand-year-old pseudo-goddesses!

But they don’t even know where to begin, since it’s not like they have a former-unicorn who was well-versed in magic in their midst… I said, sarcastically. Besides, the last time they used their latent magic powers, Twilight was around. But she’s back in Equestria, in her Castle of Contrivance, and the portal between realms is sealed. Then Sunset comes up with an idea. Turns out she’s in possession of some type of magical quantum-entanglement book. It’s linked to a book in Equestria. So she writes in it, hoping it’ll work across the multiverse, and Princess Celestia can get a message to Princess Twilight.

Thankfully it does work, and the companion book was recently transferred to Twilight’s new library.

Told you it was a Castle of Contrivance.

And once Twilight learns of the situation, she determines they’re three dragon-like creatures called sirens.

Okay, they’re humans in the other universe, and yet Spike’s a dog. Explain this to me!

Anyway, they were banished to a parallel universe a long time ago, by Starswirl the Bearded. Did he not think to check whether that world was inhabited? Or did he not care!?

I remember something similar happening on Once Upon A Time. They banished a dangerous creature to the Enchanted Forest because they thought it was completely uninhabited. It wasn’t, but they had no way of knowing that was even a possibility.

However Starswirl acted as if he thought, “oh, yeah, it’s probably inhabited. I just don’t give a shit.”

What a cock!

So, given the danger, Twilight decides to go over and help. But she can’t because the portal is sealed. And the fact that she had to have that pointed out to her is a bit disturbing. How could she have forgotten about that!?

So, why is she princess material again? You know, I’ve asked that three times now… still haven’t gotten an answer…

Anyway, it’s at that moment Pinkie points out that the quantum book worked, so there must be a way to get through.

So she builds a massive device that combines the book with the mirror, which she explains by reciting a hyper-dimensional version of the Pythagorean theorem, which could’ve done with a bit more context.

I’m guessing it works like a Stargate. The mirror breaks you down and sends you into the book, which is used as a medium to cross universes.

Though why she didn’t fly out of the book on the other side is beyond me. Though she does fly out of the statue base, so apparently she dialed the ninth chevron. I still miss that show.

The others ask to come, and Twilight says ‘no’ since it’ll make things confusing.

Okay, that’s not a reason! I think the fact that we have this formidable and dangerous foe who might be able to hit you with mind-control spells, means a bit of backup could come in handy. And that trumps ‘making things confusing!’ On the other hand, there’s something to be said for subtlety. So why didn’t she just say that?

I guess to explain why they won’t come on future visits. Which bothers me, because I would like to see that story. I could see Rainbow spending most of the episode insulting herself, it’d be great!

Though I don’t even understand why Twilight even needed to go through! She could’ve just sent them a message, couldn’t she? Why do the writers feel the need to tie the two universes so explicitly? Can’t Equestria Girls stand on its own? Can’t it operate as a fully functional and separate spin-off? Not to say the characters couldn’t cross-over, but it should stay limited, until season four, when a regular from the original show starts running the city of Atlantis… I’ve been watching a bit of Stargate Atlantis recently.

Anyway, now that Twilight’s back in the land of humans, it’s time to get to work. They quickly decide to head off to a party that’s being held for all the bands for some reason. And the plan is to quickly vanquish them with their friendship magic.

Surprise-surprise. It doesn’t work. And that makes sense, since we’re only halfway through the film.

So they regroup and Sunset suggests they have to use the same type of magic the sirens are using: musical magic. Which actually doesn’t make sense. In fact, it’s the opposite of sense. I know they say you should fight fire with fire, but that tends to not work, you just get more fire. And I know someone will come up with a scenario which uses fire as a fire-fighting mechanism, but you’re probably better off using water, CO2 or Argon, you thick twat.

What makes more sense is what Twilight says: they already know their magic is activated by music, that’s why they turn into hybrids. So the only way to defeat the sirens is to use musical magic! So they have to write a ‘musical counter-spell.’ And to fully reverse the effects, they have to play it at the competition, where everyone can hear it.

The rest of the film continues as Twilight tries to write a counter-spell (which it seems she’s shit at), and the others trying to buy a bit of time by playing in the competition as long as possible.

I’ll say this for the film, much like the last, the overall plot doesn’t feel contrived in any way. The fact that they need to perform at the competition, the fact that they need to make it to the finals, the fact that they transform into hybrids every time they play music… okay, besides that, everything feels like it makes sense. The entire school is against them, so there are no easy solutions, and they have to play by the competition rules. They have to beat as many bands as possible to buy Twilight the necessary time she needs to write the counter spell. They need Twilight to come through to complete the circle, as it were. And they need Sunset to… um… do nothing for some reason. Okay, that actually falls apart.

Actually, that’s the funny thing, because later, we see Twilight trying to write the counter-spell, while spending night at Pinkie Pie’s house. And I keep asking myself, why not ask Sunset for help? Give her a reason to be in the group! Not only that, she’s a unicorn who studied under Princess Celestia, and despite the past decade or two she spent as a human, I’m pretty sure she retained at least a bit of knowledge!

If I had to guess, I’d say the only thing stopping her was her damn ego! I’m a fucking princess, I don’t need help!

Not with anything!

Meanwhile, the other five are tearing themselves apart with their own egos. And I’ll blame Applejack for most of it.

She puts down Rainbow Dash for having epic guitar solos, and Rarity for designing new costumes for the band, when those are actually required roles that need to be filled in an epic band. Do you really think the Beatles would be where they were without their Sergeant Pepper outfits?

See, Rarity gets it!

And as for Rainbow Dash, half the point of rock is to show-off!

If you’re not going to give me an epic solo, why am I listening to your warbling!?

But thankfully, overall, their role in the competition goes off swimmingly.

I’m sorry, did I say ‘swimmingly’? I meant ‘shittingly.’ Because for some reason, all the other competitors decide to sabotage our heroes’ efforts, but no one else’s.

I don’t get this. But it might be because the other performers don’t even qualify as music.

Well, at least she tried.

Eventually, the competition culminates with a five-minute ego-trip from Rainbow Dash, where she starts to transform.

And they don’t want to reveal their secret magic, because then the sirens will try to stop them. But the only one who notices the slow transformation is Sunset. So she panics and tackles Rainbow to the ground, and the crowd starts chanting about how much of a shit she is.

And no one thinks to cover for her. Some friends.

In fact, it would’ve been easy. Just have Rarity run over, stamp on the ground, and rub a tissue on it, and make up some shit about Rainbow being allergic to bees.

Rainbow: No, I’m not.
Rarity: [whisper] Shut up!

Yay, Sunset! You saved Rainbow Dash’s life! But instead they all just walk off-stage, as the crowd calls Sunset a shit. Then her friends call her a shit for being the only one who noticed Rainbow’s magic.

Why is everyone giving Sunset a hard time, she’s the most blameless out of all of them!

But of course, since their performance was interrupted, they are immediately out of the competition… that is until the sirens use their magic to get them back in. Which causes the entire school to hate them because… they were good but got sabotaged?

I don’t know, mind control spells!

But no one’s more jealous of them than Trixie!

Oh yeah, she’s in this film. And as a final act of sabotage, as our heroes are practising, she opens a trapdoor that just happens to be underneath them.

Perhaps it was installed by the sirens! Since they orchestrated the whole thing!

Hey, I didn’t get a chance to talk about these three, have I?

First is Adagio Dazzle, the leader of the group. A clever schemer who seems to be constantly annoyed with her companions. Which makes me ask why she’s even hanging around with them. She should just decide to leave them in the dust! Screw you assholes, I’m heading off to the middle east! I’ll cause World War III or something.

In fact, that would explain the bullshit currently going on over there!

Her main goal seems to be power. Like any stereotypical villain. She wants to get her Equestrian magic back, and in this universe, there ain’t much magic to go around. But once she sees the finale from the last film, she realizes this might be her chance at victory.

Next is Aria Blaze, who can be described as the arrogant and surly mean one. She hates everything and everyone, and puts down people if they look at her funny. Fuck, I’m pretty sure famous internet cat, Tardar Sauce (aka Grumpy Cat), has smiled more often than this prat!

I don’t like her.

Finally, my personal favourite is Sonata Dusk, resident naïve moron. There’s something quite appealing in her distracted and naïve outlook. She doesn’t seem to care about the group’s master plan, but hangs out with them anyway, possibly out of a lack of wanting to do anything else.

I find her to be the most interesting character out of the three, and the one with the most potential in future films. She might even manage to defect and join the good guys. Possibly because it would be more fun.

I really like this character.

And these three disparate, constantly clashing personalities, somehow manage to succeed at their plan. They get the school to turn on itself, and absorb a shit-ton of energy. But in order to get the Equestrian magic from our heroes, who are immune to their mind-control magic, they need to use a slightly different approach. Which is why they spurred Trixie into locking them under the stage.

And while locked away, the five natives begin turning on each other. Because apparently they hate each other now.

I mean, this was building for most of the film, and they each have their grievances, but they’re all acting like idiots! Which is normal for this show, I’ll have to admit.

And because they’re fighting beneath the stage all their negative energy is absorbed by the sirens, who begin to perform their big musical number!

Where they turn into hybrids as well.

But as this is happening, Sunset finally gets a clue.

Realizing that the sirens feed on negativity, she gets them to stop fighting because that was exactly what the sirens wanted. Our heroes played right into the villains’ hands.

And I guess through a combination of realizing they just helped the villains win, and Sunset’s words of persuasion, they finally realize just how stupid they were being, and decide they need to get out of there so they can beat the bad guys. So they try to break down the door, apparently not realizing that it’s a ‘pull’ door until Spike arrives.

Yeah, he was the only one who wasn’t captured. And he just needed to find someone to help him, who wasn’t affected by the mind-control magic. And he did: The one who always wears headphones while listening to dubstep.

Yes, the DJ. And this little plot point was actually covered during one of the shorts.

I honestly did not expect this to have plot-significance. But because she never removes her headphones, she never heard the siren’s spell. This is an old bit. Odysseus had his crew put shit in their ears so they would be unaffected by the siren’s song. And there was an episode of Gargoyles where a blind man was immune to a spell that turned every human in New York into stone. He had to see the spell, as well as hear it. You know, for a Disney show, that was a really dark episode.

Anyway, they grab their kit, escape, quick wardrobe change, and finally get to a hill overlooking the theatre.

All they need is proper sound equipment.

Beats a boombox, mayt.

They start playing, immediately distracting the crowd, and their magic quickly kicks in.

What proceeds is a sequence of awesome music, and bizarre holographic attacks!

Eventually, they find themselves nearly defeated by the holograms, when Sunset Shimmer steps in with some kick ass vocals.

Yes, now she can transform as well. That would’ve come in handy sooner, wouldn’t it?

And with the extra firepower, they quickly end the sirens, who turn out to be shit singers when they don’t have magic, and recruit Sunset into the band.

Then Twilight goes home, but mentions she can come back any time she wants another movie. Plus, they have the book to contact her. So it’s not goodbye, it’s just, ‘later, peeps.’

Though I doubt they’ll have a crossover episode this coming season, if I’m honest. I have a feeling they’re going to wait until they can wrangle another theatrical release.

And with this, the film is over.

If there’s only one good point in this film, it has to be the music. Nearly a dozen different songs in this film, each of which are gold. Which they’d better be, since they’re serving as the foundation here.

And they span the gamut from the soft rock finale to the hard rock/metal opening title song. The sirens have a few good numbers, each of which have that eerie, mystical quality to them. And legitimately, ‘Under Our Spell’ managed to put chills up my spine, I’m not kidding. I loved it!

So I have no criticism to offer to the music.

The overall plot however, has a few problems.

I already mentioned Sunset, and I’ll mention her again. She could’ve been the driving force, but instead, she was just wasted. I would’ve much preferred a story about a girl struggling to overcome her evil tendencies for the sake of her friends and her own happiness. And I know the writers could’ve pulled it off, because they already did with Discord.

He had a few fall backs, but that just added to his plot thread. And overall he showed a growth in character that you can respect. Sunset Shimmer, on the other hand, went from sociopath to pious angel during the commercial break. It feels rushed.

Also, a brick showed up.

He doesn’t have any plot-significance, other than a few shoehorned mentions. I think they’re trying too hard to include him when they should just abandon him, he’s just not worth it.

Not that they haven’t tried. In his opening scene, he acts awkwardly, and fumbles over himself a bit. A nervous reaction to him thinking about Twilight. But it doesn’t really fit with his previously established character. I’m pretty sure the writers have no idea what to do with this cardboard cut out. And until they do, he needs to remain off-screen. Come up with a good idea, then bring him in.

So, my final verdict is simple: It’s not as good as Equestria Girls.

The first film was like lightning in a bottle. It worked really well, showing us a new world, and giving us a plausible crisis, with a compelling antagonist. It was a bit ridiculous, what with the central plot being Twilight’s quest to win prom queen. But it made sense, and gave us a solid cast of characters plus one stack of lumber as a shoehorned love-interest.

Rainbow Rocks wastes the main character of Sunset, and feels much more contrived than the original. Since we never understand why Rainbow wanted to form a band in the first place. Seems a bit serendipitous if you ask me. They just happen to form a band shortly before magical musical creatures attack the school? What a strange coincidence.

That should’ve been one of the shorts.

But that aside, the film was good. Interesting, compelling and fun. And now that it’s over, all that’s left to talk about is what comes next. And like many films of the modern era, we get a post-credits scene to whet our appetite.

A female Thanos, investigating Canterlot High.

I’m going to assume she’s the next antagonist. Won’t that be fun? She’s a super genius who manages to invent some smart phone app that can control magic or something. I like that idea. You can have it, writers.

See you next time!


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