Lost in Reality: “A Day at the Museum” review

Alright, this blog is getting heavy. For the past month I’ve talked about pointless superstitions, fraudulent con artists, illogical plot development, racism, spoiler-culture, and IP theft, while doing nothing more than writing about my favourite cartoon shows.

I find that a bit bizarre. These shows are directed toward children. Can’t we just have one light-hearted episode that was just a pointless adventure where the characters get lost in a museum or something?

… So, this week, on Littlest Pet Shop, that happens…

I’m not gonna say I liked the episode, simply because I didn’t. It felt more like gimmicky filler than anything else.

The episode opens with Blythe and the pets going on a trip to the park, but it’s cut short when they discover that the place is closed for re-seeding.

Unwilling to let the day go to waste, the pets start playing on the greenery outside the natural history museum across the street. An idea which Blythe begrudgingly agrees to.

So as they’re tossing around the ball, it ends up rolling into the museum, straight through the front door, as someone’s leaving, without that someone realizing it. That someone also doesn’t spot the monkey and panda that ran in after it.

Naturally, pets aren’t allowed in the museum. So once Blythe decides to go in after them, she realizes she has to smuggle the rest of them in her bag, instead of doing the logical thing and leaving them outside.

“But, it’s irresponsible to leave pets alone,” I hear you say. And that’s true… for those who can’t talk to animals. All Blythe would have to say is: ‘You five stay out here! I’ll be right back! Russell’s in charge!’ Then you’re done!

But no, she doesn’t do that. Instead, she smuggles them in, bringing her under suspicion from the same security guard as last week.

Again, design a new character, you pricks.

Meanwhile Minka and Penny made their own discovery.

Yes, it’s a dinosaur.

This kicks off a fantasy sequence that dominates half the episode.

But that’s more of a B-plot, and actually gets kinda boring.

Hey, did you know Pepper’s a skunk!?

Yes, this old gag. And as Russell begs for a reprieve, the security clone spots the rodent. So Blythe tries to talk her way out of it, I start yelling at the screen.

You see, he says he spotted something furry in her bag, and my first thought was: claim it’s a stuffed animal! Just pull Russell out and say, “Oh, no, I just bought it at that toy store over there. I sorta collect them. Very realistic, isn’t it?” I’m sure Russell’s smart enough to stay still.

But no, she doesn’t think of that, so Zoe comes up with a distraction: She runs off… YOU’RE NOT HELPING!!!

So the security guy runs after Zoe, who ends up near the dino display, where Minka and Penny drag her into their fantasy.

Now, how does that make sense? Does Minka have some type of illusion power?

Anyway, we then get a musical number, where they suddenly turn into dinosaurs.

It’s not bad. In fact it’s hilarious in its absurdity.

We then cut to Blythe, who decides to hide out in a storage closet. Where a janitor arrives, and inadvertently abducts Russell, mistaking him for a scrubbing sponge, or something.

Wow, this is really starting to snowball init?

Naturally, Russell, on his own, manages to find the three missing pets, after Blythe failed while searching the entire building. But he gets caught in the fantasy as well, which is a problem, since they don’t know how to disperse it.

Meanwhile, Sunil and Vinnie are now trapped with Pepper, who’s still a skunk. So they make a run for it, much to Pepper’s chagrin.

They find themselves surrounded by taxidermied predators, and assume, for some reason, that they’re zombies.

Meanwhile, back in the dino-dimension, the pets are suddenly attacked by a some type of eagle. It scoops up all four of them, and pulls them out of the fantasy by turning into Blythe.

It actually makes more sense then that.

So, now they need to find Sunil and Vinnie, who are scared out of their wits, when they see an Egyptian mummy shamble toward them.

Anyway, boring story short, they manage to make it to the main lobby, Blythe spots the two of them careening out the front door on a bucket, she makes her exit behind them, and everything wraps up in a bow.

Well, sorta…

Yeah, I don’t get it either. They say it’s a dinosaur egg, which would be awesome, if a bit strange. And no more absurd than Blythe’s superpowers.

But what’s inside? Well, the credits roll before they tell us. You bastards! We’d better get a pay off from that next week!

But as for this week… well… it was a bit underwhelming.

There wasn’t much of a story here, just our main characters goofing around for twenty minutes. Which I don’t mind, per say. I just wish it had more meat to it. Like I said, it feels like gimmicky filler. Like one of those bottle episodes that are produced to save money for the more expensive ones. Except they obviously had to draw new assets for the dinosaur fantasy.

It just didn’t go anywhere. There was no interesting character development. Except, possibly, everyone trying to avoid Pepper.

I’d feel pretty hurt if I were her right then. Hurt and depressed, and possibly suicidal. It’s not a good feeling to be rejected. I suddenly have an idea for a story. No, it does not involve suicide.

But all that being said, it was a good episode. Nothing extraordinary, but it didn’t need to be. It was serviceable, if nothing else. Though, incredibly weak. The high-point was definitely the musical number, mostly for its absurdity… that’s probably not a good thing.


One response to “Lost in Reality: “A Day at the Museum” review

  1. Yeah, this episode made no sense, but I have a theory on why it was made:Hasbro is planning to introduce “Dino Pets” into its LPS toy line, so the writers had to work the concept into the series somehow. Guess we’ll have to wait for Toy Fair to see if I’m right or not…

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