BCAWK at the Moon!

Yes, another week, another pony episode. I never thought I would end up doing a review of every episode this season, but here we are. The show’s fantastic as I’ve already attested to, the first season was simply amazing, and so far, the second season has surpassed it in quality. Though I’m really waiting for the sub-par phoned-in episodes to air any week now.

This week featured an event fans have been waiting for, for about a year: The reappearance of Princess Luna after her debut a year ago, to the day no less! The most amazing thing about this episode, was that someone apparently gave her a makeover!

Luna Before! Luna After!
Before using Herbal Essences After using Herbal Essences

What the fuck is this!? What happened to her hair!? Okay, I’m not going to complain about the darker colour of her coat. We can say it’s due to a change in lighting and I really don’t care, but her hair!? Luna’s hair was what made her so hot! Now it’s nebulous and weird! She looks just like Celestia, and Celestia’s the not-hot sister! I liked how she looked before. Beside that, the fact is that it’s inconsistent! Why did her hair change in corporeality between then and now?

Of course, there is a possible explanation. Considering her last appearance was during the daytime, we can easily say she looks different depending on whether it’s day or night, and the same might be true of Celestia. When it’s night, Luna has her nebulous hair because it’s her time, and during the day, it’s Celestia’s time, so she gets the nebulous hair. The only hole in this theory is in the last episode, Lesson Zero, Celestia made an appearance in Ponyville immediately after sunset. But considering it was still dusk when she left, we can call that a wash. I’m sticking with this theory! It might also explain why the Celestia toys are pink! It’s Celestia at night! Continue reading