BCAWK at the Moon!

Yes, another week, another pony episode. I never thought I would end up doing a review of every episode this season, but here we are. The show’s fantastic as I’ve already attested to, the first season was simply amazing, and so far, the second season has surpassed it in quality. Though I’m really waiting for the sub-par phoned-in episodes to air any week now.

This week featured an event fans have been waiting for, for about a year: The reappearance of Princess Luna after her debut a year ago, to the day no less! The most amazing thing about this episode, was that someone apparently gave her a makeover!

Luna Before! Luna After!
Before using Herbal Essences After using Herbal Essences

What the fuck is this!? What happened to her hair!? Okay, I’m not going to complain about the darker colour of her coat. We can say it’s due to a change in lighting and I really don’t care, but her hair!? Luna’s hair was what made her so hot! Now it’s nebulous and weird! She looks just like Celestia, and Celestia’s the not-hot sister! I liked how she looked before. Beside that, the fact is that it’s inconsistent! Why did her hair change in corporeality between then and now?

Of course, there is a possible explanation. Considering her last appearance was during the daytime, we can easily say she looks different depending on whether it’s day or night, and the same might be true of Celestia. When it’s night, Luna has her nebulous hair because it’s her time, and during the day, it’s Celestia’s time, so she gets the nebulous hair. The only hole in this theory is in the last episode, Lesson Zero, Celestia made an appearance in Ponyville immediately after sunset. But considering it was still dusk when she left, we can call that a wash. I’m sticking with this theory! It might also explain why the Celestia toys are pink! It’s Celestia at night!

Oh, wait, I just realized, in Best Night Ever, Celestia has the nebula-hair at night…Damn it. Okay, they just have a really weird and creative hair stylist.

But of course there’s also another major issue: Luna’s personality. I’ll bet no one was expecting that: A girl who’s stuck in the past, when royal interactions were 97 per cent protocol, has no idea what fun is, and speaks in ye olde Englishe. Attention all Luna Fan Fiction writers: Consider yourself Jossed! This is great! You see, some interpreted her as childish, others as a fun-loving prankster, and others as overly serious just managing to tolerate her fun-loving prankster of a sister. They were all wrong! HAHA! I predicted last week, that most of them were wrong. Turns out they were all wrong! This is even better! Now, I’m expecting when they give some of the background ponies personalities, Lyra will be revealed as a religious fundamentalist bigot who’s not gay, and Derpy as Ponyville’s well-spoken resident weather scientist, with a lazy eye.

This episode takes place during Nightmare Night, when all the little foals dress up in costumes and go door to door asking for treats. Sound familiar? Luna decides to use this time, a time when she’s normally interpreted as a daemon out to eat little ponies, to generate some goodwill with the citizens of Ponyville. She starts off pretty well (he says sarcastically), entering on a chariot from what appears to be HELL pulled by two pegasi with fucked-up ears and bat wings, wearing a cloak made of bats. Perhaps that was the only chariot and guards she had available, but that doesn’t explain the cloak. I guess one could say Addams-Family/Nightmare-Before-Christmas logic. But that would be contradicted by her reaction to the fear of her subjects. Her other faux pas, (using the royal ‘we’ might be considered arrogant, especially considering her sister doesn’t do that, and the loud voice can freak some people out) can easily be explained by her thousand-year absence. But it does seem odd that Celestia never informed her of any of this. Who knows, maybe she did, and she fucking lied. “Oh yeah, sis, I do that all the time!”

Though, what I find really odd is that the citizens of Ponyville should know that Nightmare Moon is not Luna, and that particular part of her isn’t really alive anymore. No one knows this better than the main characters, such as Applejack and Fluttershy, because they’re the ones who vanquished her. So why are they are freaking out? Oh, because Pinkie thinks it’s fun to be scared, so she decided to escalate the problem. Every episode, I’m learning to hate her just a little bit more. But for Fluttershy to be scared when she spent all day locked in her house, it doesn’t really make sense. Neither does Applejack’s reaction, when by now she should’ve learned to trust her better judgement more, than anything Pinkie Pie says.

Now of course, what would Halloween Nightmare Night be without costumes? Most of the characters dressed for the occasion, Twilight as Starswirl the Bearded, an important and yet somehow obscure unicorn from Equestrian history and Spike the Dragon as…Spike the Dragon. HEY! That bastard took my costume idea! Eh, I probably wasn’t going to use it anyway. I figured dying a suit purple would be a pain, and I have nowhere to wear it.

Pinkie dressed as a Chicken, which I thought was awesome, and like me, when she get’s into costume, she goes all out, character wise. (Last year, when I dressed as Dr. House, I spent most of the night walking with a limp and being a bitch to everyone.) Typically on the show you can hear subtle noises reminding you that they’re horses. Reactions to some situations might elicit a neigh of shock, or an angry growl. But in this episode, Pinkie does none of that, her reaction sounds are that of a chicken. Such as a Bcawk of shock and fear whenever she sees Nightmare Moon Luna, and a cluck cluck while she’s just walking around. It’s a subtle change, most might not notice, but I for one loved and appreciated it. She also manages to spend most of the episode walking only on her hind legs, with her forelegs folded up like wings. Now that’s talent!

Fluttershy didn’t dress up because she was too busy hiding in her home scaring everyone away like a hermit with a shotgun, and Rarity was nowhere to be seen. Not even in the background. This bugs me. In every episode featuring a major event/holiday/festival in Ponyville, every main character has made an appearance. Even those that aren’t that major, like the Iron Pony competition. Hell, even most background ponies made appearances. But Rarity didn’t. Even though, according to Twilight, “Nightmare Night is one of the most popular celebrations we have.” Where was she? Hiding? I would have loved to see what she wore, even if she was just in the background, for one frame, with no lines, we should have at least seen her there.

Remember last time when I said we’d likely see less of Twilight because in many episodes she’s shoehorned in so she can write the episode’s Aesop to Celestia? Well see, that’s typically only a problem if there is no real reason for her to be there. Rarity certainly had a reason to be there! It’s the city’s biggest celebration of the year. Where was she? Perhaps she was just offscreen the entire time, or she was dressed as the Invisible Mare. Who knows!?

Moving on, we have the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Each of them dressed as one of the classic Universal Monsters: Scoots as the Wolfman, Sweetie Belle as Dracula, and Apple Bloom as Frankenstein’s Monster…actually the Bride of Frankenstein’s Monster, complete with electrodes in the hair and apparently stitches in her trademark bow. I like the theme they had going, they would do that.

But while we’re on the topic of the kids, let’s talk about the latest addition: Pipsqueak. The name’s probably apt now, but when he get’s older he’s going to hate that name. Sadistic fucking parents–Anyway! He’s apparently British and adorable, probably around one year old, because he says it’s his first Nightmare Night, and we can assume this happens every year. Anyway, my biggest complaint about this kid is: he dropped his accent after his first scene, a characteristic of voice actors who totally phone it in! It’s not like it’s a live action movie, like Clockstoppers (God that film was shit) where an actor might accidentally drop his or her accent because they are too busy focusing on their body language (though most good actors should be better than that, and most good directors should catch it). This show, there is no body language. All you have to do is focus on your voice. Just get that right ass—-! I understand most voice actors are pretty animated in the booth, but that’s not because they have to, it’s so they can give more emotion to their voice, not less! This really pisses me off, I don’t understand how they can get the only thing they’re responsible for, totally wrong! It’s like they don’t care!

But overall, the episode was great. I’m glad to see Luna again, and am very happy the fans were wrong. Hehe! It just goes to show: assume nothing. I’m waiting for a sub-par episode to air, but it may not happen for a while. We have a week off before the next episode, where Sweetie Belle tries to get Rarity to participate in “a rough and tumble celebration of sisterly unity”…whatever that means. I have a few guesses, but…it’s not really important. I have a feeling we might find out if Scootaloo has a sister which is a pretty big question in the fan community. My guess, she does, it’s Cheerilee. They were also sisters in the G3 universe (BLASPHEMY! HOW DARE YOU MENTION THE DARK TIMES!!!) and they might decide to carry that over. It would be interesting given that they are two different races. Perhaps they are only half sisters, and they both have the same papa. Which might explain why Scootaloo never flies. It’s not simply because she’s young, it’s because she’s half earth pony.

It seems that the creators want to answer all the big questions. After all, this episode showed us Luna’s personality, and the seventh episode will be about Rainbow Dash finding a pet, and she’s the only main character without one. Some of the fans have addressed it, and tried to make Scootaloo her pet, which I find hilarious, but distur-…no, just hilarious.


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