Darkwing Pony

Who doesn’t love superheroes!? Well, apparently, Rainbow Dash. Yes, it’s another pony-sode, and it’s all about Rainbow Dash…again…for the second week in a row. I’m not saying I have anything against Rainbow, I’m just saying, spread those episodes out a bit.

So, this week, Rainbow Dash becomes a local hero, saving a little foal trapped at the bottom of a well, and soon after, saving a baby in a carriage speeding down a hill and about to fly straight off a cliff. At first she’s quite humble about it; saying it’s no big deal. But the attention quickly goes to her head as she begins milking the attention.

Of course this bragging begins pissing some ponies off, specifically her five best friends. But Rainbow keeps saving lives, while signing autographs and hiring Spike to be her autobiographer…don’t ask.

Then suddenly, during one of her amazing rescues, which she delays by a few seconds so she can finish signing autographs, a masked mare appears to save the day, and steal Rainbow’s thunder! The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well!

Dark and mysterious. Like Batman, but a pony!

The new arrival saves the day just a few seconds before Rainbow, and everyone begins cheering for her. Obviously, Rainbow doesn’t appreciate this because she’s an attention whore!

After a few more rescues by Mare-Do-Well, Rainbow learns this mare is stronger, faster and more agile than her. So she decides to find a way to one-up this stranger. She notices that the nearby dam, upstream of Ponyville, has a crack in it, and if it breaks it could flood the town. So in her attempt to fix it, she inadvertently breaks the damn thing and gets caught in the flood waters, requiring a rescue herself. How embarrassing. One might ask why she doesn’t just fly out, but it’s possible her wings are water-logged and she can’t fly when they’re wet.

Suddenly Mare-Do-Well appears to save the day, and Rainbow. She then reveals she’s a unicorn with supermagic. Levitating all the broken parts to the dam back in place, and sealing it all together.

Now of course as I’m watching this, I keep trying to figure out who she is. It’s a continual puzzle. Is it a new character, an old character, a regular character!? Who knows! But this scene gave a major clue: the magic effect, a reddish glow around everything including her horn, was identical to Twilight Sparkle’s. So that’s a clue. But during Mare’s first appearance, Twilight was standing in the crowd talking about her. I knew that threw me off. Then we see her fly past Rainbow Dash, and I simply got confused. After all, no pony in the show, with the exception of the royal family, has both wings and a horn.

So this point was when I realized something. As Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack and Twilight are discussing the heroics of Mare-Do-Well, I realized that all of them were Mare-Do-Well. They teamed-up, all playing the same superhero, to teach their best friend some humility. Spoiler alert: I was right. To me, this shows one of two things; either I’m extremely clever, which I know I’m not; or the writers weren’t even trying to hide it. The episode wasn’t even half over, it should have taken me longer to figure this out. Of course maybe I should be grateful that the clues were given to allow me to figure it out. I’m just saying, I don’t think it should have been so obvious. Though I have to admit, it was clever, and it’s a bit better than last week, when the ending was telegraphed five minutes in.

For the final scene, Scootaloo, president of the Rainbow Dash fan club, which it turns out is an actual thing, as revealed in the episode’s cold open, invites Rainbow to join her for the parade in Mare-Do-Well’s honour. Rainbow’s hesitant, but decides to show anyway up with the sole intention of confronting Mare, and attempting to unmask her. A high-energy chase ensues, and ends with Rainbow unmasking her, revealing Pinkie! Who also played Mare-Do-Well which is something I forgot to mention. Everyone except Rarity played her at one point or another, all Rarity did was make the costumes.

So Rainbow learns a valuable lesson, and everyone has a laugh at Pinkie’s expense. The End!

Of course I think it’s important to point out a few things before I close this off. “Mysterious Mare-Do-Well” is a terrible name for a superhero. Especially someone as awesome as her. It needs to be more succinct. My suggestion: Darkmare! Though that might be considered a rip-off of Darkman. Great movie by the way. Though if you think about it, Rainbow’s catch phrase: “Never fear, your friendly neighbourhood Rainbow Dash is here!” probably rips-off at least two different superheroes, including Spider-Man. But if you want to rip-off any superhero, make it a good one, like Darkman. That’s my point.

I’d also like to give a shout out to the return of the Pinkie Sense!!!


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