The Mysts of Island

I am a fan of the Myst franchise. I own the first four games and Uru: Complete Chronicles (legit), and once I get money I plan on buying the fifth and final game, End of Ages, and on the same note I will also get the three companion novels in the Myst Reader when I get the chance.

Some may ask why I am such a fan. If you are, you obviously have never played the games before. It’s hard to describe why or figure out exactly what the number one reason is. The puzzles, the visuals and the story all work together quite seamlessly. Anyone who likes mysteries or exploration or mindless puzzles will find something to like in Myst or the sequels. Plus the whole concept of writing in books to connect to other worlds creates an entire multiverse of possibilities that you can easily visit. Like Stargate only more…out there. In Riven there is a bacteria in the water that causes the water to, I am not kidding here, move away from heat. If you throw a match in a puddle, the match will stay lit and the water will move away from it. That is weird.

One of my biggest regrets regarding the Myst series was looking up walkthroughs and hints. I really think I missed the best part of the game. I guess this is why it is not as popular now as it once was. In the 90’s Myst was the best selling video game of all time, until it was displaced by the Sims which I really don’t think can be classified as a game anyway, but I digress. Now with the increased prevelence and popularity of first person shooters and other action oriented games, gamers are used to games that allow for instant gratification. Myst doesn’t offer that. Myst is meant to be played slowly, you are meant to think each puzzle through and might end up spending hours or even days stuck on one puzzle because of one thing you simply didn’t think of. That’s the appeal of Myst, it’s a slow and cerebral game, and while you can speed things up by using a walkthrough or a hint system, you are cheating and basically depriving yourself of the full game. Of course even now I used a hint system when I played Myst IV today so I guess that makes me an hypocritical pillock. Continue reading