What Dreams May Come

As you may or may not know: I have given up on love. It’s been a while now, I think it started over a year ago. I realized I have enough problems in life without dealing with women. However, last night something happened that made me think. I had a dream.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Oh my god, you had a dream, so did the rest of the planet asshole.” Well, yeah, a lot of people have dreams and a lot of people have dreams they don’t forget the moment they wake up, and a lot of people have dreams they can’t get out of their head. But I’m still going to write about it so bite me.

There are few dreams that I can remember years later. One was when I was a little kid. In the dream I saved a girl after she got kidnapped by this fat bitch, and my two best friends (at the time), Jessica and Andrew, were at my side. What does that mean? I didn’t know then and I don’t know now.

More recently I had a dream about the Superstack. I guess it was made of Jell-o because I grabbed it, shook it, and it wobbled. Come up with your own theory on that one.

But this dream, it’s different. Unlike those dreams, this one has a history. There seems to be some type of story. Basically, there is a girl, I called her Nodoka in the dream. Literally, in the dream I called her by her name, Nodoka. For those who don’t know, Nodoka is the name of a character from Negima!, a Japanese Anime, who, I must admit, I think is quite hot. Yes she is young but I’m ignoring her age here. Plus, we don’t know when the story takes place, she could be older then me. Anyway, she’s smart, she’s shy, and she’s a hopeless romantic who’s in love with her teacher who’s 3 years younger then her. It’s Japanese, Japanese culture is the definition of fucked up. Anyway, I think she’s hot.

Now for those who are going to ridicule me for having the hots for a fictional character, like: “Hey you perv try looking for chicks from this reality.” All I have to say is: Bite me. There are other fictional characters I think are hot, Selphie Tilmitt from Final Fantasy VIII, and to a lesser degree, Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series. But I digress.

This girl looked a lot like Nodoka, she had the hair, and the outfit. However, this afternoon, as I was playing Guitar Hero: On Tour, I noticed this girl also looked like Pandora, one of the game’s player characters, wearing her Bad Apple outfit. That’s the character I use when I play. It’s possible that the only reason I dreamed about a girl who looked like those two is because I see that likeness every time I play Guitar Hero or open my phone (the wallpaper is Nodoka reading a Linux book…HOT!). So nothing weird about that.

So anyway, this girl, apparently me and her had a bit of history. She once had strong feelings for me, but I brushed her off (this is in the dream). However by the time the dream takes place, for some reason, the roles are reversed. I felt strong romantic feelings for her, but she brushed me off.

I have had my heart broken a few times, rejection is really good at that, and in the dream, that’s what I felt. To me, this dream means that timing is important. I can’t let a dozen bad experiences cause me to completely brush off all females. I could be pushing away someone who could make me happy and not even know it, and I may only have one chance…now.

Some may say dreams mean nothing and are simply random firings of synapses in the brain. While that is possible, it could also be ones subconscious attempting to communicate with them. I hate existential bullshit, trying to find meaning in everything, but this… Something tells me I should take it to heart, I felt something, something different.

Anyway, comment, tell me what you think, please I insist.


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